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50 reasons to Have a 3D Printer

Hello Machine Bros!
Some say that 3D printers belong to the fourth industrial revolution, also known as industry 4.0, and inherent in any revolution come questions, questions that we ask ourselves to determine if we are actually facing one, and whether or not we should join it. Time goes by and sales of 3D printers have also been growing, people have become increasingly interested in these machines that are capable of materializing our computerized designs in plastic. Do you have doubts about whether you should buy a 3D printer or not? Let me give you 50 reasons to have a 3D printer!

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1. Wide variety of colors and materials to choose from

This would be the first of many advantages of getting a 3D printer.

Currently, there are a wide variety of filaments to choose from.

Just to name the best known we have: PLA (Biodegradable), ABS, PETG, TPU (Flexible) and Nylon. Many others have wood, metal, ceramic, gloss in the dark finishes and this just to mention a few features.

These filaments also have an extensive selection of colors to 3D print.

If you want to know more about 3D printing filaments, we recommend you the Guide to Select 3D Printing Filaments

50 reasons to Have a 3D Printer
3D printing filaments

2. 3D Printers have dropped a lot in price

This would be the second advantage of buying a 3D printer in these times.

The truth is that they have dropped a lot of prices.

Believe it or not, by mid-1986 Charles Hull developed a 3D printer that used SLA technology, it had a cost that was around $ 300,000USD for that time.

Today you can get a small 3D printer for just under $ 300USD. In other words, it has become a much more accessible technology.

3. N3D printers are much easier to use

This is the third advantage of acquiring a 3D printer.

At the moment there is already a good variety of software for 3D printing, both paid and free, and for different technologies such as FDM and SLA.

It is just a matter of finding which one you like the most and which one best suit your needs.

4. There is a large community of people with 3D printers

We want to emphasize that currently there is a large and extensive community of users who have 3D printers, many of them call themselves Makers.

What’s interesting about this is that you will find many forums, video tutorials, web pages and endless content that you can access to learn about this technology and improve your 3D prints. This is something extremely valuable and outstanding because now there is a kind of collective intelligence.

Find in this link a great list of 3D communities.

5. 3D print parts that are broken

Has it happened to you that you broke a part of an object or device that you liked, and either you do not get the part because it’s not sold anymore, or there is simply no stock of the part in your country, and bring it from another country would be more expensive than expected.

Well, you can 3D print that broken piece, thus saving the device you did not want to lose.

Restored broken parts using 3D printing
3D printed parts and restored object

6. 3D print items to sell

Well, as you just read, do you have an object in mind with which you can fill a need in a niche market?

With a 3D printer, you can 3D print that object in different materials and colors and then sell it, which is excellent because you would be generating extra income.

3D Printed objects to sell
3D printed Spinner

7. 3D printing helps in the education of children

Have you had to explain a complex subject to a child?

You know how difficult it can be to make yourself understood in subjects that are somewhat complex for a child, whether it be a subject of biology, astrology, physics, chemistry, etc.

If we have graphic help it is easier for the child to understand.

I will give you an example, you want to explain to a child the difference in size between the planets with respect to the sun.

It would be great to 3D print those planets together with our huge star (The Sun), so that the child has a more visual reference of what you are explaining.

The child could spark a passion for our vast universe and can become a future astrophysicist.

So, 3D printing gives you the opportunity to simplify learning, make it more interesting, intuitive and fun.

In this link, you will find a list of educational web pages on 3D printing. Like 3D NASA models, models of human body parts, science, dinosaurs, and much more.

Students observing a 3D printer
Students observing a 3D printer

8. 3D printing can sometimes be friendly to the environment

If you ever thought that 3D printing would only bring a lot of plastic waste that would end up in the sea, polluting the environment, it turns out not necessarily.

Luckily, we can find biodegradable material such as PLA, one of the most popular filaments for 3D printing.

You can even 3D print the first designs of a prototype in PLA until you get the desired results, to finally print on a more durable material like ABS, PETG or Nylon, just to name a few.

Although it is important to note that, because it is biodegradable, it does not imply that it can be thrown into nature.

Renewable PLA Filament

9. 3D printing can help you generate income

There are different ways that a 3D printer can help you to generate income.

We did some research and we found many business ideas that you can undertake using this technology, and you can find this information in our article named “Create your 3D printing business with a low budget“.

Create your 3D printing business

10. A 3D printer is an interesting tool for architecture

In architecture we can also find useful things to do with a 3D printer.

Whether you must scale your future work to study it, or 3D print your possible constructions in small dimensions to make models and thus carry out your presentations.

3D printing could greatly simplify these works for you.

3D printed architectural model
3D printed architectural model

11. 3D printing in the fight against Covid-19

It was necessary to mention this, generally those of us who have 3D printers love technology, and we encourage the use of it to provide solutions to problems efficiently.

For today’s date, in the middle of the year 2021 humanity has been subjected to a rather important problem, a virus that can be spread very easily and with a significant mortality rate.

Therefore, the Makers decided to unite and provide different solutions to fight the Covid-19, that’s why designs (Commonly in CAD and STL files) of masks and protectors were designed and shared around the world to help reduce the easy spread of this coronavirus.

These files reached all parts of the planet and were replicated by the Makers on their 3D printers.

The interesting thing about these events is that, just as this 3D printing technology is helping in this battle, it will be able to help resolve or lessen the effects of future misfortunes that we could face as a society.

3D printed protective masks
3D printed protective masks

12. Invent using a 3D printer

If you are one of those who always likes to invent, design and create things. A 3D printer adjusts perfectly to your tastes and needs.

The inventions you have in mind, can be materialize with a 3D printer. You can 3D print, test, correct and reprint until you get the desired object for your inventions.

Inventions using 3D printing
3D printed airbrush holder

13. 3D print personalized gifts

If you want to show someone how much you love them, nothing better than a personalized gift.

It is a gift that can be very original and no one else will have one like it.

With a 3D printer, you can print these types of gifts that in the end are priceless for this particular person.

Imagine giving away a personalized jewelry item, a personalized phone protector, or a custom-made gift for that person you love so much.

Giving gifts of this type is a very good gesture that will brighten anyone’s day.

Personalized gifts using 3D Printing
3D printed spinner containing the initials of the name of a person

14. 3D print decorations to your home

3D printing allows us to decorate our homes to our tastes, in a personalized and original way there are many decoration pieces that you can manufacture by printing them in 3D.

You can take a look at Thingiverse to see what I’m talking about.

3D Printed home decorations
Examples of 3D printed decor items you can find on Thingiverse

15. 3D printing is fun

I assure you that, if you consider yourself a maker, you will love 3D printing, it is impressive to see your digital designs become physical, it is a process that is fun and enjoyed from start to finish.

16. Sometimes it is faster to print something in 3D than to order it online

Let’s suppose that a mechanical part of an electrical device is damaged, this part is not available in your country, you got it from Amazon, and it will take 3 days to reach your home.

But it turns out that since you have a 3D printer, you realize that you can print that piece in 4 hours.

You save the shipping costs and the 3 days you had to wait.

Isn’t 3D printing wonderful?

17. Create unique objects using a 3D printer

3D printing gives you the possibility of having unique objects, objects that you will not see anywhere else in the world.

With 3D printing you can customize anything, originality will be part of your life, from something as simple as a spoon, to a lens case.

All these objects can have your own brand, that which distinguishes you as a person and would distinguish your objects from others.

3D Printed logos
3D printed custom logos

18. 3D printing is a great hobby

There are people who like to cook, others to knit, some to fish.

There are many hobbies, and 3D printing is one of them and it could be for you.

3D printing gives you the opportunity to manufacture an infinity of pieces, where your imagination and creativity will be your best allies for this hobby.

3D printing is a process that you enjoy, since you design, configure, print, and post-process your prints.

You will love, when you will see your designs being materialized.

19. 3D printing is an useful tool for other hobbies

If you have a hobby like airplanes, rail, car, ship modeling, model building, robotics, electronics, or creating projects with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Believe me that for these hobbies and for many others, a 3D printer will be quite a useful tool to get the most out of your hobby.

You can 3D print spare parts, protections, bumpers, tires, buildings, bolts, support, boxes, propellers, tools and anything to complement it with your hobby.

So, I invite you to investigate on the internet all the options you can get from a 3D printer in relation to your hobby.

20. 3D printing in an innovative and fast-growing industry

3D printing is a revolutionary technology, which is booming.

If you buy a 3D printer at this time, you would be starting in a technology and a world with a great future, if you do not believe me, I invite you to see the following video where they talk about 3D printing as a revolution, and what the future holds in terms of this wonderful technology.

Click here to access the video.

21. 3D print cosplay

If you love Cosplay, surely 3D printing will be interesting for you.

The best Cosplayers turn to 3D printing to complement their outfits in mind-blowing ways, from making parts of Iron Man’s armor to producing Wonder Woman bracelets.

Cosplay 3D Printing
Death Troopers cosplay partially built with a 3D printer

22. 3D print the gamepads of your gaming console

What gamer would not like to be able to have their custom gamepads?

Can you imagine having a gamepad with the design of your favorite video game? With 3D printing this is also possible.

Check out these designs posted on Thingiverse so you have a clearer idea of what you can achieve with 3D printing and your gamepads.

3D Print Gamepads Xbox playstation
Examples of gamepads mods you can find on Thingiverse

23. 3D Print Legos

Legos are great, they stimulate creativity and they are fun.

Now, 3D printing your Legos is another level, if you are a fan of Legos, you could try printing your own and personalized ones.

Lego 3D printing
Examples of Legos you can find on Thingiverse

24. 3D print a drone

If you like airplane models and robotics, you surely love drones.

Having knowledge of programming, electronics and a bit of aeronautics, you only need a 3D printer to make your own drone prototypes.

With the 3D printer you can print those plastic parts necessary to put your drone to fly through the skies.

Find here some DIY drone projects.

3D Print a Drone
Structure of a 3D printed drone

25. 3D print RC cars

Well, if you prefer motor racing to an airplane model, just as you can manufacture drones, you can also design and produce your own radio-frequency controlled cars.

For this, you will need the same knowledge as to build a drone (Electronics, programming, design).

With a 3D printer you can manufacture the structure of your RC cars, supports, bolts, tools among other things.

RC Car 3D printing
Structure of a 3D printed RC car

Find in this link information about a RC car project using 3D printers.

26. 3D Print custom pots for your plants

This world of 3D printing is so vast and wonderful that it encompasses even gardening enthusiasts.

With a 3D printer you could create your custom pots for your favorite plants.

Plant Pots 3D printing
Examples of pots you can find on Thingiverse

27. 3D print your own rocket models

Do you like scale rockets?

With a 3D printer you can make your own models, assemble and paint them.

3D print whatever you want, from the Apollo spacecraft with its Saturn rocket, through the space shuttle Endeavor, and even the model of SpaceX’s latest Demo-2 mission in conjunction with NASA, where they powered the Crew Dragon capsule with the Falcon rocket 9, this in order to reach the International Space Station.

3D print Rocket
Example of a Falcon 9 that you can find in Thingiverse to print

28. 3D print jewelry

For jewelry, 3D printing can also be a useful tool.

You can create your personalized jewelry items, adding value to your work.

There are many examples of 3D prints converted into jewelry and costume jewelry. After 3D printing, you can paint and do any type of post-processing treatment that gives an amazing finish to your inventions.

I will leave you here a link with an example.

Jewelry 3D printing
3D printed jewelry item

29. 3D print sculptures

If art is your thing and you like to produce sculptures, a 3D printer could be very helpful in your creations.

Various artists have already opted for this technology to reproduce their artistic expressions in plastic.

You can make small sculptures in a single print, or huge sculptures by printing the pieces of your sculpture, and then assemble the whole set and shape your creations.

For your artistic productions, you will have various 3D printing materials, multiple colors, and a wide variety of post-processes to improve the finishes.

3D Printed Sculpture
3D printed sculpture

30. 3D print custom accessories for your fish tanks

For aquatic enthusiasts, having a 3D printer would allow you to have personalized ornaments and accessories in your fish tanks.

There will be no other fish tank or aquarium like yours, since you will be able to 3D print the objects that your printer allows you, your ability to print and your imagination, of course you will have to print on waterproof materials (Discard the PLA right away).

3D printed accessories for acquariums
Examples of aquarium decorations you can find on Thingiverse

31. 3D print parts of the human body

Whether you are a doctor or a biology teacher, printing 3D models of human body parts could make your education easier when you explain them to your students, providing a more graphic content.

To give you an example, in the field of medicine, you could give your patients a simpler explanation of possible procedures, thus generating more tranquility in them.

Obviously, this possibility of 3D printing body parts could help other professions and fields.

3D printed human parts
Example of bone models (in this case bones belonging to the face) that can be found in Thingiverse to later print in 3D

32. 3D print board games

If you enjoy table games, you could 3D print your own in a personalized way, whether the game already exists or you want to create a new one from scratch.

It could also restore a board game you already have, 3D printing missing parts or parts of it.

3D printed board games
Example of a custom chess that can be found on Thingiverse

33. Prototyping with a 3D printer

One of the things that 3D printing revolutionized the way of doing things was this, prototyping.

Prototyping using 3D printers greatly reduced costs and simplified the process.

We talk about not having to manufacture plastic injection molds every time we want to modify the design.

Now you design the prototype in the CAD of your choice, followed by this you carry out the corresponding simulations by software, if your prototype meets all the requirements and conditions you pass to 3D printing, where you will finally have your design in physical form, you will be able to do the corresponding tests, make corrections and print again if necessary, in this way until you have a 100% functional prototype, to then start mass production with plastic injection if you wish.

34. 3D Print your Warhammer 40k models

If you are a big fan of this strategy miniatures game, you will be able to get the best out of a 3D printer.

With a 3D printer, you will be able to 3D print your own Warhammer figures, as well as you will be able to manufacture the pieces and parts to recreate your land and scenery of the best possible way.

Warhammerk 3D print
Example of a miniature for Warhammer that can be found on Thingiverse

35. 3D Print your own Pokémon

We have to talk about a classic like Pokémon, a franchise that has been present during the growth of some generations.

If you enjoy collecting your own Pokémon, with a printer you can make your own and greatly expand your collection.

3D Models Pokemon to 3D print
A 3D printed Pokémon (Pikachu)

36. 3D print gears

Has it happened to you that your equipment is damaged and the broken part ends up being a simple gear?

Many times, you even have to get rid of the entire equipment and replace it with a new one since the gear is not sold as a spare.

With a 3D printer, you can 3D print your own parts to restore that equipment.

You can also 3D print gears for your projects or inventions that require gears that are not easily available in the market, you will be able to create gears adjusted to your needs.

If you want to know more about 3D printing and gears, check out the following links:

Gears 3D printing
Restoration of a machine, 3D printing a faulty gear

38. 3D print your custom tools

The right tools greatly simplify manual work.

With a 3D printer, you could go so far as to manufacture special or customized tools that you require for a certain job, where the necessary tool is not easily obtained or you must resort to specialized markets to obtain it.

If you are one of those people who like to build or repair things by themselves, a 3D printer could be quite useful.

3D Printed Tools
3D printed adjustable wrench

38. Design and 3D print your own photo frames

For photography enthusiasts this reason will seem interesting.

Once you have that photograph that took so much work to take, you will want to display it properly, what better way to do it than with a personalized photo frame?

Imagine being able to 3D print a custom-designed photo frame, designed to be allusive to a certain photo. With a 3D printer you can achieve this.

3D printed photo frames
Examples of photo frames you can find on Thingiverse

39. 3D print custom phone cases

With 3D printing you have the possibility to print on flexible materials (TPU for example) your own original covers, so you will never get bored of always having the same smartphone cover.

3D printed Phone Cases
Example of covers you can find on Thingiverse

40. Encourage your children’s creativity

I can’t think of a better way to encourage your children’s creativity than with a 3D printer.

They will be able to 3D print their own toys, their action figures, their dolls, their cars, planes, science models, among other things.

In addition, at the same time, they will be learning something useful, which could encourage them to choose professions such as engineering or design in the future.

In the beginning, the child will need to depend on a website like Thingiverse to download the designs, but if the child ends up liking 3D printing, he/she will surely be interested in the design and look for ways to learn how to design her/his own toys.

41. If you are a teacher, 3D printing could help you explain certain topics more easily

3D printing helps in education, teachers are able to 3D print parts or objects that allow a more visual explanation.

Also, if you are a teacher in more advanced fields such as robotics, electronics or mechanics, 3D printers will be very useful to you. We are talking about being able to print boxes for your electronic projects, mechanical parts of your prototypes and even parts of your robots.

Students learning about 3D printing
Children learning about the Rep-Rap 3D printer

42. 3D print boxes for your electronics, Arduino or Raspberry pi projects

This is an attractive possibility for lovers of Arduino and electronics.

Once you finish a project with Arduino or Raspberry pi, you are faced with the dilemma on which box to put the finished prototype.

With 3D printing, you will solve this, because you will be able to 3D print custom housings that perfectly fit your inventions.

3D printing arduino Raspberry pi
3D printed housing for electronics project

43. 3D print robots

If you are passionate about robotics, you will find many useful things to do with a 3D printer, there are a wide variety of examples on the web of robots built on the basis of 3D printing and Arduino.

Almost all the mechanical apparatus and the base structure of the robot can be 3D printed.

Robots 3D printing
Robot Poppy humanoid, an Open Source project. This robot has 3D printed parts.

44. Materialize your 3D scanned objects

The technology is wonderful and moving at an impressive rate.

So much so, that currently you can scan in 3D using your smartphone or specialized cameras.

We can scan an object and from there obtain a 3D file where we have digitized the scanned piece.

Once we have this file, we can work it in CAD software to modify it and/or scale it, to later print it in 3D.

45. 3D print busts of people

Since we touched on the topic of 3D scanning, it is necessary to mention this other reason to acquire a 3D printer.

At the moment it is fashionable to create busts of people using this technology.

There are individuals wishing to have a bust alone or accompanied.

They are 3D scanned and then their 3D printed bust is delivered to them.

It is important to note that this is not limited only to the pleasure of having a bust of yourself, for example, body parts are also scanned to make prosthetic housings, this in order to give a more aesthetic finish to the prostheses, and more closely resemble the appearance of the user.

46. 3D print smartphone holders

Here we have another good reason to have a 3D printer.

You can make the supports you want to hold your phone, such as supports for cars, motorcycles, for a desk, for taking photos, among other types.

3D printed smarthphone holders
Examples of smartphone mounts you can find on Thingiverse

47. 3D print boxes and stands for storage

Whether you like sewing and want to keep your tailoring tools organized, or maybe you like electronics and need to keep your electronic components organized, and you might even want to keep the screws you have organized and cataloged at home, with 3D printing you can produce boxes to keep the objects of your preference stored and organized.

There are people who have even printed wallets, to keep their money and personal documents stored in them.

Can you imagine how great it would be to have your own personalized and original 3D printed wallet?

3D printed storage boxes
Example of a tool holder you can find on Thingiverse

48. 3D print personalized reading markers

If reading is one of your hobbies and pastimes, you will love what you can do with a 3D printer.

As mentioned in the title of this reason number 48, you can 3D print your bookmarks, even allusive to the book you are reading.

Reading markers 3D printing
Examples of bookmarks you can find on Thingiverse

49. 3D Print your clips to organize your papers or bills

Are you one of those who prefer to keep your documents, sheets or tickets organized with clips?

Well, here we have another good reason or advantage of having a 3D printer.

It is as simple as that you can create your original clips to organize your papers, and you could even make clips relative to the document.

Think about the possibility of delivering your organized works (whether you are a lawyer, an engineer, or any other profession) with a clip that represents you as a professional or as a company.

3D print paper clips
Examples of clips available on Thingiverse

50. 3D print pill containers

If you know someone who forgets if they took a pill on a certain day, 3D printers can bring a creative solution to this.

You can 3D print pill containers that have 7 divisions, each division would have inscribed something that represents a day of the week, for example, the letters: Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa and Su.

If you want or need it, you could also make a container with 31 divisions that indicate the days of the month and the divisions would have the numbers from 1 to 31 inscribed.

So, you could be sure that every day of that month you took the corresponding pill, this would be useful for example for contraceptive pills (just to name one of many pills for which this would be useful).

3D printed pils contaner
Example of a pill container available on Thingiverse

If you have other reasons that you think we should add to this list, please leave us a message.

See you soon Machine Bros!



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